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After a long time finaly there it is: the first album release of „Sonus et Silencium“ is out now !  

After the in the last year released debut single "...ain't nothing but a rainy day" now the first album is released with the title "Northern Lights". As the name suggests, the music is made of rather cold etherical sounds, electronic synth arrangements and experimental sound collages which tonally partially remind of early works of Jean-Michel Jarre.  

"Northern Lights" is a easy going, instrumental ambient production in which soft synth pads, gentle rhythms and nature sounds are woven into a thick sound fabric - so that you almost can feel the cold north wind blowing around you.  

Although many works of electronic music nowadays are done actually with digital replica of classic synths which come along as virtuell-analog replications or just completly as software implementation as a programm for the computer, you can here listen to real electrons doing the hard work. Ultimately the name "electronic music" stems stems from the fact that the waveforms which make up the sound once were created purely electronic and analog. Not just the well known vintage synths from Roland, Jupiter and Juno can be heared here, but also a analog/digital 12-bit hybrid sampler made by Sequential Circuits, as well as a exotic FM-synth from ELKA.  

And if already the entire sound creation is completely vintage it certainly doesn't come as a surprise that this entire zoo is not controlled by a recent PC. No, here in proper style a vintage Atari MegaST running Cubase is doing the work !  

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Photo: Steve McSweeny, Canada